Featured In: Lonny Mag


I have been anxiously awaiting to share this space with y’all for months now, and here it is! I was honored when my sister Nancy hired me to design their master bedroom and nursery, and so so humbled when it was featured on Lonny!

Nancy and Dave asked me to convert their master bedroom into a nursery, and a home office into their new master, all while keeping the price tag under $5K. A seemingly tricky task, but I was more than up for the challenge! We knew from the start that we wanted color to make a big impact on both of the spaces. Our goal for the master was to keep it bright, cozy, and super functional. For the nursery, we were ready to make a statement, and our goal was to keep it playful, but not super childish.


We wanted to keep things warm and cheery, as N + D live only a few miles from the beach. Throughout the house, they already had a common thread of colors — touches of mint, mauve, and gold — which we wanted to expand on, so we added in different shades like rose, a warm teal, and muted terracotta. By doing this, we were able to create a cohesive color scheme and pull it all together!

BTW, my favorite part of the room is definitely the Farrow & Ball paint. Quality paint can be an investment, but it always makes a huge difference and is so worth it if you can afford it. Prior to the redesign, the walls were cream, the bedding had no accents, and it really just didn't feel as cozy and welcoming as they wanted. Cue the paint upgrade and accent pieces like bright pillows and art, and it has us singing a different tune!


Something I try to incorporate with all of my clients, budget permitting, are key investment pieces. N + D needed storage items that could grow with their family, so we prioritized the master bedroom by finding amazing nightstands with extra deep drawers, as well as this space-saving oval dresser.


Ah, my favorite little corner of the nursery! Admittedly, we wanted to use wallpaper, but given their tighter budget and the home being a rental, it just wasn’t in the cards. After some creative thinking and problem solving (read: negotiating with the landlord), I decided to just replicate one of our top-choice wallpapers by hand! This funky wall was done by yours truly to give a lil shock to the small space. Do we think a statement wall is becoming my signature look?


We’re big textile lovers over here at Abby Pendergrast Design, and for N + D, we decided on SOFT as the way to go. The rug was a massive win for us, as it fit their style, budget, and would be comfortable enough for the baby to crawl and play on. From there, I layered pops of color with fun pillows and cute drapes to warm up the space. Oh, another budget-conscious move on our end was the decision to get a convertible crib that could be used as a toddler bed down the line. It utilized a big chunk of the budget, but will definitely be worth it as the years go on.

BKM_3315-Edit copy.jpg

Another area of focus for us was the art. N + D tucked away a couple of family heirloom pieces that they wanted to feature in the nursery, so I decided to create a gallery wall. They had the antique floral painting and the silhouette, so I had vintage photos printed of their baby’s namesake, and mixed in some modern pieces, to keep it fresh! Big-box retailers are really stepping up their game when it comes to art, so one of my pro tips I share with clients is mixing in vintage with those pieces, to make it feel more personal. Minted is one of my favorite resources for artist prints — they came framed and were all under $90!

This project was such a learning experience for me. Working with a tight budget can definitely be a challenge, but if you bring a designer on board, we can help you find the best investment pieces, as well as guide you towards what’s worth DIY-ing and what needs professional installation. Personally, I choose to take the collaborative approach with clients, and love helping them make the best decisions to ensure their space is a true representation of “them!”

I am so grateful for my community of badass friends and family who continue to support and uplift my work. Thank you to my friend Cory for being my go-to PR gal, Brittany for always always always hitting the good angles, Nancy for giving me the freedom to create a beautiful and unique space, and of course, Lonny Mag for the love!!