Kristen + Colin's Colorfully Minimalist Wedding

COLIN  KRISTEN laura_ford_photos_ruby_street-225.jpg

I had such a blast coordinating Kristen and Colin’s colorfully minimalist wedding. Every detail was so intimately “them”, from pies made by their loved ones, all the way down to their tables being organized by favorite dates they’ve had! I am so happy for them and was honored to be part of their day.

Special shoutout to Laura Ford for these amazing shots and all of the other incredible vendors we worked with, listed at the end.

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The Ruby Street is one of my go-to venues for LA weddings!

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How stunning is this dress from Lovely Bride LA?!

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COLIN  KRISTEN laura_ford_photos_ruby_street-17.jpg

One of the sweet ways K+C wanted to remember their special day by.

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The sweetest newlyweds!

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Delicious food catered by one of my favorite vendors, Fundamental LA.

COLIN  KRISTEN laura_ford_photos_ruby_street-314.jpg
COLIN  KRISTEN laura_ford_photos_ruby_street-309.jpg

One of my favorite accents at Ruby Street is the customizable letter board out front. You can put your names or wedding hashtag for guests to see upon arrival!

COLIN  KRISTEN laura_ford_photos_ruby_street-272.jpg

Another favorite moment from K+C’s wedding were the pies made by friends and family to serve with Carmela Ice Cream (some of the best ice cream in LA, you’re welcome in advance).

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