Copenhagen Mule

One of my favorite things to do when designing is to think about how your senses will be affected in a space. Not only what it looks like...but how does it smell? What does it feel like? What is the soundtrack to the space? This got me thinking - how can a design inspire music and vice versa?

Long gone are my days scouring the internet for music blogs with the latest and greatest. Cue, my best friend and collaborator, Andrew Oliver.. Andrew is a non-profit professional by day and an undercover music renegade by night. This man knows how to curate the perfect playlist! 

Since we’re always on the hunt for design and new music we figured we should marry the two.  Together, we bring you the first of our monthly playlists influenced by the concepts and style of spaces that inspire us!

India Mahdavi Chez Nina

First up we have a stunning design by visionary India Mahdavi. While she might have created Chez Nina for Milan Design Week at legendary gallery Nilufar, we were transported to a Copenhagen inspired club with some serious disco vibes.

India Mahdavi

So sit back, relax, start the playlist from the beginning and pour yourself a Copenhagen Mule. Oh and shop pieces inspired by this outrageous style!


Copenhagen Mule Recipe:

1.5 oz Cucumber infused gin (We like Hendrick’s + cucumber in a mason jar that has steeped for a few days!)

1 oz St. Germaine

Top with Ginger Beer and a splash of club soda

Pour all ingredients over ice and with fresh squeezed lime & garnish with a cucumber slice

adapted from Cocktails of Copenhagen

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.18.03 PM.png